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How To Write And Design
Money-Making Response Advertisements

By Galen Stilson
32 Pages
Price: $12.00

With little effort, you'll begin writing and designing ads that will far outpull and outsell the ads you're currently using.

You'll eliminate response-killing mistakes and replace them with proven response-building techniques.

Once you finish reading this Mail Order Success guide, you'll know how to create ads that... Capture ATTENTION... Spark ACTION... in the form of an order.

You'll discover the secrets of creating a winning headline, potent copy, powerful offers, eye-appealing graphics, and action-commanding order coupons. You'll learn how to use eye- directional and involvement devices, color, and unbalanced design. Plus much more. You'll get a wealth of creation trade secrets from the basic concepts to the most sophisticated techniques.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Mail marketers who use space ads and who want substantial response and profit improvement.

32 Pages
Order Number:1743
Price: $12.00
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