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Home-Based Businesses, Over 250 Ways To Earn Your Fortune

By J. Rue
208 Pages - 8X11
Price: $15.00

Over 250 Fantastic Home-Based Businesses


Tired of the dead-end nine to five world in which you're working? There is a way out: a home-based business. If you're looking for the home business opportunity that's just right for you, you'll want the valuable information in this dynamic book. Whether you'd like an opportunity to earn a little extra spending money, or you are looking for a way out of the nine-to-five (or worse) rat race, you'll find this manual to be exactly what you need to help you get started.

You'll begin by learning about ten spare-time businesses that can be started from home for under $100. Unbelievable? We'll show you how!

How about 213 businesses that can be started right at your kitchen table? You'll learn about each one of them. And, they're even categorized so you can quickly zero in on the ones that interest you the most.

Are you service rather than product oriented? We'll tell you about the nine best service businesses to run from home and how to get started in them.

Want to know what we think the single best business to run from home is? We're not going to tell you here! But you'll learn all about it in chapter five!

Just having a list of possible business is not much help. So, we start off showing you exactly how to analyze your abilities and talents and your strengths and resources. You'll quickly eliminate some businesses, while discovering that you have a ready-made talent for others. Include you'll find helpful worksheets and checklists to assist you in determining exactly which business you should select and how to go about getting started in it.

You'll learn how to analyze the potential market for your ideas and products... how to determine what and who the market is... what does it take to get your ideas and products to the market... pricing strategy... evaluation and risk management... and much, much more.

Finally, you'll learn about the SBA (Small Business Administration) and how to go about obtaining financing for your business if necessary. You'll learn how to approach the SBA or any lender and how to package yourself and your loan request for best results.

208 Pages
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Price: $15.00
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