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How To Make Money Writing And Selling Simple Information

By J. Barnes
176 Pages
- 8X11
Price: $15.00

Do You Have A Best-Seller Inside?
Long-Time Writer Says Anyone Can Make It Big!

A long-time author of self-help and how to books asserts that anyone, no matter their background, can make a fortune writing and selling simple information.

Joe Barnes, author of scores of books and reports, states that people of any age can tap into the wealth of lucrative opportunities in selling. He shares the necessary techniques in his own best-seller, How to Make Money Writing And Selling Simple Information.

According to Barnes, most people believe that only a trained professional can become a writer. They feel that only with years of practice or a formal education could they break into the field.

"Not so," says Barnes. "There are thousands of success stories. Common, everyday folk who had an idea for a short booklet, report, or how-to book, and subsequently made a fortune."

Barnes goes on to note that fortunes still remain to be made in the field. Anyone can write, publish, and promote their own book -- And become and overnight financial success!

J. Barnes knows about writing. He began writing at the age of 16, and has been doing it ever since. His books have appeared across the Americas and in over 39 foreign countries.

Working out of his home, he has created a publishing venture that allowed him to move from the city to a magnificent mountain retreat.

Now retired, Barnes wants to help others find a "Second Career" and enjoy a full and prosperous independent writer's life.

"If your mind is swirling with ideas, my book will show you how to turn them into informative manuscripts that will help others and make you money -- lots of money!"

How To Make Money Writing And Selling Simple Information is no run-of-the-mill book. The easy-to-follow instructions, illustrations, and exercises demonstrate exactly what to do and how to do it. The reader can work through the book at any pace.

You'll discover tested principles that will work with any kind of book, folio, or manual. The information is presented in a straightforward manner, teaching you how to grab your share in the lucrative "how-to" field.

Barnes guides you every step of the way. He shows how to stay in complete control of the manuscript throughout the publication process and how to market it for profit-making results. No entrepreneur should be without this power-packed book.

176 Pages
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Price: $15.00
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