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Think and Grow Rich

By Napolean Hill
5.5"X 8.5"
Price: $11.95

No Self Improvement collection would be complete without this classic text which has helped over 7,000,000 readers
achieve their goals.

NAPOLEON HILL was born in 1883 in a one-room log cabin in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. As a teen-ager, he worked as a newspaper reporter to finance his way through Georgetown University Law School. This job led to his life's work. His outstanding reporting for the paper brought him to the attention of Robert L. Taylor, Governor of Tennessee and owner of Bob Taylor's Magazine.

Taylor employed Hill, then twenty-five, to write a series of success stories of famous men, the first of whom was Andrew Carnegie. Hill so impressed Carnegie that he commissioned him to do a job that would become a twenty-year assignment--interviewing 504 of the nation's most successful men in order to find through their experiences a success formula that would work for the average man. Among those Hill interviewed were such famous names as Ford, Wrigley, Wanamaker, Eastman, Rockefeller, Edison, Woolworth, Darrow, Burbank, Morgan, Firestone--as well as three United States Presidents.

Napoleon Hill published the first interpretation of the philosophy of individual achievement in 1928, exactly twenty years after the Carnegie interview.

During the time Hill was compiling the work, he supported his family by holding various positions, including a period as advertising manager of La Salle Extension University of Chicago, and editing and publishing the Golden Rule magazine. During World War 1, he was assigned to President Woodrow Wilson's staff as a public relations expert. In 1933, Jennings Randolph, the present United States Senator from West Virginia, introduced Hill to President Roosevelt. Hill again became the presidential advisor.

Several years later, he resigned to devote more time to writing and completing his summary twenty-year project, THINK AND GROW RICH. In 1952, Napoleon Hill Associates was organized and Hill came out of semi-retirement to spread his science of success philosophy. Hill heads the Napoleon Hill Foundation, a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to teaching others the science of personal achievement. Hill once again resumed a full-time schedule in 1963, forming the Academy of Personal Achievement, a home-study and/or in-residence course begun in his eightieth year.

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