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How To Make A Fortune On The Information Superhighway

Price: $24.95

In April 1994, two immigration attorneys in Scottsdale, Arizona did something no one had ever done before. They advertised their legal services to approximately 6,000 of the 9,000 discussion groups called "Newsgroups" on the Global Internet, reaching tens of millions of people. Their innovative, money-making venture netted over 25,000 customer inquiries for one night's work. The two Internet pioneers, by spending only $20.00-the price of this book-brought in $100,000 worth of business.

In How to Make a Fortune on the Information Highway, the authors tell you how to do what they did so successfully-making a fortune advertising on the Internet. You'll get the whole story, explained in clear, non-technical language. You'll discover that with some fairly simple ideas, a PC, a modem, and a telephone line, you can "Cybersell" your way to wealth. You can also advertise on the Internet without owning any equipment. There are companies that will provide this service for you.

The Internet puts small businesses on an equal footing with the largest corporations by making it possible to reach 30 million people with the touch of a button. Here is everything you need to know about using the Internet as the ultimate marketing tool for almost any product or service.

How to Make a Fortune on the Information Superhighway shows you how you can be a pioneer in an exciting future filled with marketing and sales opportunities.


 l. Getting Your Bearings on the Information Superhighway

2. A Busy Night in Cyberspace: The Green Card Incident

3. Selling to 30-Million People Who Call the Net Home

4. Products That Sell on the Net

5. Highway Red Light Districts

6. Free Advertising to Millions of People on the Usenet

7. E-mail and Electronic Mailing Lists: Paperless & Postage Free

8. Chat: Talk Your Way to Riches

 9. The World Wide Web: Multimedia Advertising at Virtually No Cost

10. Gopher the Gold

11. FTP: Selling to the Whole Information Highway

12. Your PC-The Biggest Money-Maker You'll Ever Know

13. How to Get Yourself on the Net

14. Do It Yourself or Find a Geek

15. Crimes in Cyberspace. Why the Net Needs You

16. What It Means to Be a Pioneer

240 Pages
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Price: $24.95
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