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Online Marketing Handbook

By Dan Janal
Pages - 7 3/8 X 9 1/4
Price: $24.95

The Online Marketing Handbook discusses advertising, publicity, promotion, and selling of all types of online products and services in an appropriate and legal manner. A viable practical guide for those wanting to reach this customer base (the Internet has over 40 million users), this book details how to promote products in the most cost-effective way available. The book takes a case history approach, showing readers the do's and don'ts of online advertising and how to avoid legal and social problems.

  • Shows how to use on-line services to advertise, publicize, promote, and actually sell products.
  • Case History Approach.
  • Shows how to use paid advertising services.
  • Discusses all on-line services, not just the internet.
  • Assumes only a "passing" familiarity with computers.




Section 1:

Getting Up to Speed on the Information Superhighway


The Electronic Cash Register
The Benefits of Online Marketing Overview of the Internet and Commercial Online Systems
Netiquette: Rules and Restrictions for Online Marketing
Market Research
Becoming a More Effective Marketer

Section 2:
Making the Sale
Online Shopping
Building Relationships with E-mail

Forums: Marketing Opportunities for Information Providers
Selling Products and Services with Online Classified Ads

Section 3:
Marketing Tools
The New Advertising
Creating Effective Advertising Messages
Publicity: Influencing Editors and Your Target Market
Building Relationships with Customer Service
The Future

Appendix 1:
Contacting the Online Services

Appendix 2:
Resource Directory

About the Author

Dan Janal, Janal Communications, Danville,CA. Dan Janal (Berkeley,CA),teaches public relations at the University of California at Berkeley and is currently a SYSOP (systems operator) for PRSIG, Compuserve's Forum for public relations and marketing executives. Mr. Janal is the author of How to Publicize High Tech Products and Services.

370 Pages
Order Number:MP103
Price: $24.95
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