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Free Advertising For Mail Order Dealers,
How To Get Yours

By Lee Howard
64 pages - 8X11
Price: $15.00

Get all the advertising your mail order business
will ever need -- Absolutely Free! 


You can use these fabulous ideas right now to get an endless flow of free advertising that will build your mail order business better and faster than you ever thought possible!

Discover all of the free advertising that is just waiting for you. Learn how to become one of the advertising insiders. You can start using these secrets to gain thousands of dollars in free advertising the minute you get this manual.

Huge international publications are willing to promote you and your product at no cost to you... completely free! The secret of getting your free advertising is knowing where to get it and how to go about getting it. Going at it the right way will reward you with a fortune in orders that you would have never believed possible.


Yes, some of my clients may think I am crazy to give out these previously unknown, insiders' sources. A client of mine got a free write-up in a national publication and sold 5,000 books! And all from one free ad. One successfully used piece of information in this book alone is worth the cost many times over.


Everything in this newly revised edition of my free advertising manual is usable; there are no old unworkable ideas or wild goose chases. This is a reference manual you can use everyday that you are in business. A working tool... just like having your advertising specialist tracking down publicity sources.

Every suggestion is a substantial, practical possibility.. I have used and tested nearly all of them. A couple of dozen tips are by other well-known mail order experts who have built their success by following these simple ideas.


  • Get artwork and photos free.
  • The results of interviews with national newspaper editors, giving you a behind-the-scenes view that can provide you with a steady flow of free ads.
  • How about free mailing lists of hot prospects for your product?
  • Get 17% off every ad you place.
  • Advertise in some of the nation's largest and most respected newspapers for one-third standard rates.
  • Quadruple your business by writing just a few simple letters!
  • Plus a whole lot more!


This manual can be used by the beginner just as easily as it can by the successful mail order dealer who simply wants to increase his business. If you are new to mail order you need every word in this manual more that you need anything else. Without the customers these tips can bring, your business will not grow to its potential.

Are you an experienced mail order dealer? I'll bet that you can't read this manual without getting at least one new profit making idea for yourself.

Discover the world of free advertising for yourself. You can build your business bigger than you ever dreamed -- and all for Free!

You can't lose on a deal like this. But, you may win a whole new way of doing business -- at only a fraction of the cost you would otherwise invest! Order today!

64 Pages
Order Number: 0360
Price: $15.00
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