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How To Make Your Fortune With Books

By Bates & Michaels
128 Pages - 8X11
Price: $15.00


You can learn how I achieved success, how others have done it, and how you can copy my success easily, quickly, and without a large investment.

My name is Owen Bates, and given the chance, I'll show you how to achieve true success... real financial success... in as much or as little time as you care to spend.


A little over twenty years ago I worked for a large government contractor. I went to work each day, punched the time clock like all my co-workers, and drew my paycheck every week.

Well, it was a job and not really a bad one either. But I certainly wasn't getting rich. I had considered beginning my own part-time business several times, but it just seemed like too big a step and too much trouble. Besides I was comfortable where I was. I wasn't getting rich, but most of the bills were paid on time and we had two cars. Yes, kind of old... but nevertheless two of them.


I purchased all the opportunity kinds of magazines I could find, and examined the various offers available. I watched the newspapers closely, looking for business opportunities. The realization came quickly that I had to have a business that required little capital, little or no previous experience in the field, and one that could begin to pay me profits in a relatively short period of time. My time (and my savings) were quickly running out. After much reading and expensive consultation with several of the industry's leading authorities. I settled on what I later discovered to be the final frontier for the beginning entrepreneur to make big money on his or her own.

Mail Order! And what a frontier it has proved to be! Little did I dream those few short years ago that I would one day be vacationing all over the world. That I would be on the proverbial "easy street!" And that not only would I have enough money and financial security in the style I'd only dreamed of before.

I have to tell you that I endured a lot of ridicule from my friends and relatives when I told them about my new venture. They all laughed and told me that I'd fallen into the biggest sucker trap of all. But even back then I had a certain amount of self-confidence and belief in my own judgement and abilities. I persisted in my fledging business in spite of the adversity, placing small classified ads for books and merchandise, and earning just barely enough to meet my expenses during the first few months.


But then almost three months from the day I had placed my first mail order ad, I went to the post office expecting to find the same free orders and pile of unsolicited mail I'd grown accustomed to. Imagine my surprise... no, elation... when I pulled 34 orders out of the box! The following day there were over 50 more orders! That kept up for almost three weeks, and by the time that promotion ran down, there was over $5,900 clear profit in the bank.

A fluke, said my wife. But that was just the beginning. Some of my other ads began to pull, too. Not all of them, mind you. But more than enough to pay for the ones that went bust, and even add to the little nest egg that was now building into a sizeable income.

The rest of the story is history. In just a few short years the business grew steadily through continued advertising and learning from my mistakes. These mistakes and successes are what I want to share with you -- so that you can begin your own profitable mail order business based right out of your own home and attain the kind of success you've dreamed of.


In the early years, my wife and I ran our business right out of our home. Up until it reached a couple of million dollars annually, that is! Then we simply had to move into larger facilities. (Actually, my wife said I had to get my files and computers out of her den, and other rooms. I had spread all over the house from my study into the den, the dining room, and the living room. I even had a computer screen in our bedroom... that was the last straw!) Today, the business occupies a large warehouse on the southeast side of Fort Worth, Texas, where we process and ship hundreds of books, stocking over 500 titles, and publishing well over 100 of them ourselves. In fact, now we've become the largest wholesale distributor of "how-to" business and success oriented books and manuals in the nation. Incidentally, my wife is no longer a disbeliever!


I have the ability and experience necessary to help people make a better life for themselves by getting started in a mail order business of their own. I am not only willing, but I want to share my success techniques with those who need them.

It is still possible for the "little guy" to make it financially big in this country. I know this from my own personal experience and from watching many of those I've helped over the years make it big in business. It is still possible to attain success and wealth without large amounts of starting capital or education. The only question that remains is, "Will you get your share?"

Now I want to show you exactly how to copycat the success I've enjoyed. I'm going to ask you for fifteen dollars. But I won't stop there. I'll show you how to use my company (and others) as your resource for books and other merchandise to sell... for mailing lists, for expert advice, and for sales aids. I don't want to just take your money from you and then forget it (or you).

Many money-making plans and various books available on the market simply give you some general theory and then leave you hanging. But I'll send you specifics, and show you how to begin immediately, using my own company and others as resources to enable you to get downright rich! I want to be on your team as you grow and achieve success.

Just think! You'll be able to get the same advice that I normally charge $100 an hour for without paying the bill! It's all in my best-selling book, How To Make Your Fortune With Books. You'll find this small $15 investment coming back to you manyfold as you not only avoid the mistakes I made, but also put to work the money-making, experience-wise techniques I've used.


I know that you've seen many get-rich-quick offers and ads. You've seen them in magazines, in the newspapers, and perhaps even on television. I want you to know that this is not that kind of deal. I won't promise to make you rich overnight, I'll make you no guarantees of wealth. But I will promise you that if you study the book I send to you, if you'll apply yourself just a little... and if you'll have just a tiny bit of patience... there is an excellent chance for you to travel the same road to wealth that I have. At the very least you will create a fine part-time business for yourself that will bring a good deal of extra income into your home, while providing you with income tax benefits that can shelter some of your other "ordinary" income.

The information that I will send you is not just a "plan". And not a proposal for you to buy something else from me, but an analysis of just what to do and how to do it in order to make it big financially using mail order as your business medium. I've put all this information down into an easy-to-read, readily understandable, handsome book of 128-pages.


Here are just a few of the little known secrets, tips, and techniques that I reveal to you in the fantastic newly revised edition of this book:

  • What and where to advertise profitably.
  • Where to buy profitably.
  • How to buy for pennies and sell for dollars.
  • How to get free advertising.
  • How to organize your business.
  • How to self-publish you own work.
  • How to write professional sales letters ad copy.
  • How to maximize sales and minimize expenses.
  • Common mistakes beginners make.
  • And much, much more... all geared toward your success.


The book contains no baloney. No impractical real estate, chain letter, party plan, or multi-level schemes. No telephone sales or envelope stuffing, or any other worthless hype. Just straight talk and insightful information from an honest-dealing, successful businessman... Information that will afford you the same kind of business opportunity that made me wealthy.

This is not a get-rich-quick scam. Frankly, if that's what you want, I respectfully suggest that you respond to one of those advertisements that promises you the impossible. One that tells you not what you'll get by responding, but nebulously tells you how rich you're going to get, and how quickly you can get that way without any effort at all!

128 Pages
Order Number: 366
Price: $15.00
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