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How To Get Rich In Mail Order

By Mel Powers
336 pages - 8X11
Price: $20.00

"Give me just one evening and I'll teach you...
how to get rich in mail order"

And Here's the Proof! You Can Do It Like These Readers Did!

  • $18,000 in three weeks -- Victor W. Carpinteria, CA
  • $30,000 in one month -- Jule W. Los Angeles, CA
  • $40,000 in one month -- George B. Southfield, MI
  • $100,000 in four months -- Barie K. Alto, MI

Too good to be true? Well, listen up. This is your lucky day.

I'm talking about making extra money in the fascinating mail order business. Start in your spare time. It's interesting, exciting, and can mean big dollars for you. A business that can provide both personal satisfaction and Big Profits!

Mail order ads come your way every day. Millions of dollars are changing hands. People are buying by mail more than ever before. Why not learn how to get your share in this exciting business? Don't think for one moment that you can't do it -- I'll prove you can! Get started today!

Secret Revealed

The field of mail order is filled with success stories of people starting with only an idea... and little money. But they made fortunes! Once you apply my success plan, you can create your own achievement story.

There is no end to the variety of ways to make money in mail order. Any product, any hobby, and service can be sold by mail. Personally, I love selling how-to books. The market is huge and the profits high. I know the author of one recent 48-page book that became a best-seller, earning the writer thousands of dollars!

A Huge Market Is Waiting

Haven't you purchased how-to books? Don't you know people who continually buy them? The market for these books is unlimited. I'll show how you can begin like I did, even if you have no money to invest!

Mail order businesses are run by folks just like you. People who quietly bank big profits every month. People who buy those luxurious comforts that they couldn't afford before. Best of all, you can run your mail order business right from your home. You can control its growth. Keep it small or turn your profits into a full-time career. Yes, you can do it! And its easier than you ever thought possible!

Follow My Success

I've been successfully selling how-to books for 25 years and I'm willing to share my secrets and business know-how with you. Tips that work!

For the first time, I reveal the inner secrets of mail order experts -- like showing you how to get free magazine ads that can quickly put you on the road to riches. Sound too good to be true?

Proven Facts -- Not Theories

I offer practical, tested, how-to information and advice on successfully selling any book or product by mail. Furthermore, I guarantee there's plenty of room in the market for anyone who is seriously willing to follow my blueprint for success.

Do yourself a real favor. Send away for How To Get Rich In Mail Order. You'll be pleasantly surprised and delighted with your newly found knowledge, especially when those beautiful, green dollars start rolling in. The future is yours. You're not only what you are today, but also what you choose to become tomorrow.

Reader's Success Stories

Here's proof positive from readers of How to Get Rich in Mail Order. These letters are on file as required by the United States Federal Trade Commission. Wouldn't it be terrific to see your success story here?

  • "Your mail order book has changed my life. I followed your instructions, wrote a book and ran a test ad. The results -- $18,000 in the first three weeks! I know that I am on my way to mail order riches! Those checks look so beautiful."
    - Victor Wild, Carpinteria, CA

  • "You have written the best books on mail order. After reading your book and following your advice, I did $30,000 worth of business in one month. Many thanks."
    - Jill White, Los Angeles, CA

  • "Your book on mail order is, with out reservation, the finest and most complete book I've ever read. The tips and instructions showed me how to write a winning book and ad that grossed me $40,000 the first month -- and the money is still rolling in... I want to thank you for all your help and to congratulate you on writing and publishing a great book."
    - George Bowman, Southfield, MI

Do You Want To Be Rich?

Mail order is my business and my hobby. It's fun, creative, fascinating -- and it means Big Money! Your secret dreams can come true. Millions of customers are out there waiting to send you their dollars. Experience the joys of shaking thousands of dollars onto your desk. Order this gigantic information-packed, 336-page extraveganza today!

336 Pages
Order Number: 0437
Price: $20.00
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