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How Mail Order Fortunes Are Made

By Al Stern
258 Pages - 5X7
Price: $13.00

The World of Mail Order Selling... Capital Required... How to Get Started... 7 Approaches... Find Products... What Price Products... Good M.O. Products... Direct Mail vs. Publication Ads... Mailing Lists... Classified/Display Ads... Making Classified Ads Pay... The Market is Big... Women's -- Men's -- Youth Market... Beauty... Baby... Gift-Giving... Jewelry... Sell Courses... Books... Health Products... Stamps, Coins... Food... Records... The Farmer... Premiums... Sell Dealers... Off-Beat Items... Fads ..Gags... Special Angles... Tricks Gadgets... Preparing Ads... Words that Pull... Copy... Layout... Order Forms... Testimonials... Sales Letters... Coupons... Timing... Record Systems... Radio/TV... Catalog Houses... Mail Order Houses... Publicity (How to get it)... Trade Magazines...
Plus much much more... 79 sections.

Here, all in one book is the information that you might take years to discover on your own. The facts in this book are worth over $1,000 to the person who sincerely wants to make his fortune, large, or small, in the Mail Order Business.

The Author takes you by the hand through every facet of the Mail Order Business... gives illustrations of what others have done... tells you what you can do... If you want to earn a large 5 figure income in your spare time... Read this book... the Mail order business is your opportunity!... Limitless opportunity... there are so many new products... so many items that people need that there is room for everyone that wants to be in the mail order business... Fascinating and Profitable... There's nothing like having money roll out of envelopes addressed to you. Get Started Now...let Alfred Stern take you through the pages of this book on your way to your own Mail Order Business.

Alfred Stern, author, is a successful Account Executive in N.Y.C. specializing in Mail Order for a quarter of a century. Here is what some clients have had to say about him:

"You are wonderful Mr. Stern! Thanks a lot for all your help." California... "You have done a tremendous job and I am really convinced that you know what you are doing." New York... "You have been a tremendous help in getting me off on the right foot in the mail order business and I do appreciate it." Illinois... Alfred Stern is on of the best, most reliable and extremely devoted mail order men in the U.S. Pioneer Press, Tenn.


Yes, if you have a product or invention learn how to sell it by mail. If you don't have a product, this book will show you how to get one. Plus, it will explore the 24 major mail order markets so you can select the best one for you.

START on a shoestring if you wish. Build a business that will pay you an income for the rest of your life. Remember, a mail order business can be operated from any location... any state... city or even rural area.

START OFF RIGHT... Don't flounder around for years trying to find the right way to operate. Learn the facts, now, right at the start. Save money by using it wisely and correctly. Thousands may start a mail order business , lose a little money and then drop out, never really knowing what it was all about. Don't make that mistake. Before you start, read this book, let it show you step by step everything you need to know.

PART TIME OR FULL TIME... businessman, salesman, employee, retired housewife... earn spare time or full time dollars... Mail Order can be for you!

Do you want a Mail Order business paying you $25,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 a year. Many are doing just that with their own independent Mail Order Business.

SUCCESS STORIES ABOUND... Look through your magazines and newspapers at the mail order ads. Many of these people have been advertising year in and year out for 10, 20, 30 or more years. Are they successful? You bet they are. Of course some people may think of Sears Roebuck when they think of mail order, but there are thousands of smaller one-man businesses specializing in just one or a few products. The possibilities in mail order are fantastic. The post office helps you to reach your customers. Read the success stories In "How Mail Order Fortunes Are Made."

CAN YOU MAKE MONEY IN THE MAIL ORDER BUSINESS? If you are able to read and follow directions, the answer is Yes! Here in easy to understand language is the whole procedure for beginning and continuing a successful mail order business, written by an expert who knows the business.

No expensive rent to pay... none of the problems of the retail store... in fact with a mail order business you can take off for a vacation when ever you want... work only 3 or 4 days a week. Set your own schedule. Live like you have always wanted to live.


NEVER BEFORE has there been a book with the How To Do It facts and figures. Others have paid hundreds of dollars for seminars or private consultations to get the facts and ideas that you can get in this book.

FULLY ILLUSTRATED. Dozens of actual successful mail order ads are shown in this book. Specific sales letters that have been successfully used are shown. The factual statements are fully backed up with illustrations and examples.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND... written in simple everyday language so that even if you are inexperienced in business you can easily grasp the fundamental points. Mail Order terminology is completely explained.

NEW, REVISED, and UPDATED Edition now available. This best- selling book is now in its 5th printing. It has been updated to reflect current marketing trends and the most up-to-date principles of mail order marketing.

258 Pages
Order Number: 584
Price: $13.00
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