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Mail Order Dealers Advertising
Rate Manual

By Owen Bates
96 Pages - 8 1/2 X 11
Price: $15.00

Where should I advertise?
What are the best pulling publications?
What are the closing dates?
How much does it cost?
How do I contact the publications I'm interested in?


All these and more questions are asked every day by mail order dealers all across the country. The answers lie in Owen Bates' Ad Rate Manual.

This all new 96 page publication gives you all the answers to the questions above, plus much more. Circulation figures, closing dates, advertising rates for both classified and display ads and complete addresses are all provided in this comprehensive manual.


But Owen didn't stop there. Knowing what your needs are, he categorized the manual by reader interest. Want to reach pet owners? Automobile buffs? Hobbyists? Photography enthusiasts? Just turn to the alphabetized section and then review the publications alphabetically listed within that section. Decide which publications best suit your needs and then write to or call them for a complete media package.

But Owen didn't stop there either. He used his many years of experience in the business to identify those particular publications which have mail order shopping sections or are known to have good mail order responsiveness among their readers. Almost one thousand magazines and newspapers that are suitable for mail order advertising are listed in this brand new publication.


Just imagine if you had to sift through literally hundreds... even thousands of magazines at your public library to identify the ones best suited for your product and by giving you the additional pertinent facts that you need in this big 8 x 11 manual. And now you can do it right in the comfort of your own home or office!


Perhaps you've had an older edition of the Al Stern Ad Rate Manual. Why should you order this new manual now? Almost 100% of the publications have had significant changes since the last edition of Al Stern's Ad Rate Manual. Addresses, advertising rates, circulation figures... these things all change with the passage of time. Without the latest information you'll be working at a real disadvantage.


Owen Bates is the founder of a large mail order book sales and publishing company and has over twenty years in the mail order industry. He knows what mail order distributors' needs are because he is one of you. He has prepared this new manual with you, the small and emerging mail order distributor, in mind. For example: there are several thousand newspapers in the country today. But, Owen has listed only a handful in his new manual. Why? Because only a select few are suitable for mail order ads. Owen knows which ones. Now you do too!

Owen is the author or co-author of several books relating to managing your own mail order business and has edited countless others. He has been consultant to many small and large mail order entrepreneurs across the country and has managed his own advertising agency for many years. If experience and good judgement count, you can count on Owen Bates!

96 Pages
Order Number: 906
Price: $15.00
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