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One of the most popular hobbies in the world is stamp collecting, consequently supplying these collectors can be a very lucrative business. It's a venture that takes time and effort to establish, but once you have it on a running basis, as you sell and trade, as you stock better and rarer stamps, the venture will expand rapidly. Also, it is one of the very best businesses where repeat sales are concerned. Addicts are constantly making additions to their stamp collections, or seeking new stamps to fill out a set.

When starting, it is a good idea to study the methods of established stamp dealers. Send for their sales literature and avail yourself of their experience. In this way you will secure a practical understanding of the business.

There are various ways of obtaining stamps. To get a working stock purchase them in wholesale lots from any of the sources given below. You can exchange with other dealers, get rid of your surplus this way. Exchange stamps with foreign dealers, you will find their ads in many of the stamp-collection publications. You will also be able to buy collections and odd stamps cheaply from retiring collectors.

The Stamp Barn, P.O. Box 646, Old Bridge, N.J. 08857 Jake's Marketplace, Inc., 2955 North Central Avenue., Chicago, 111. 60634 Meyers Stamps, 5321 Fleming, Richmond, Calif. 94804


Here is a business that is not considered to be glamorous enough by many and therefore is not overcrowded. Filling the demand of rubber stamps which are in big demand by new mail order entrepreneurs can certainly prove profitable. With only a minimal investment for a start-up package you can set yourself up as a stamp manufacturer. Rubber stamps can be effectively marketed by advertising in the many mail order trade magazines.

You can purchase everything you need from a Hardware Store.

Basic supplies needed are: a type font, small screw press, some plaster of paris and vulcanized rubber.

If you prefer not to manufacture your own stamps you can buy them from a manufacturer (the trade press is full of their ads) and utilize their drop-shipping services.


It takes some time and patience to establish a circular mailing business. But if you can provide the service needed by many smaller mail order companies you could be quite successful in this business. A successful circular mailing business will take these major 3 ingredients:

First, in order to assure the best of results for your customers, you must maintain live, up to date mailing lists. There are various ways to obtain lists, you can purchase them from mailing list brokers, get them from the "Big Mails Wanted" columns in mail order trade magazines, or place advertisements offering Big Mails. The better the lists of names you secure, the surer your chance for success will be. To properly maintain mailing lists, a computer is a major advantage. This will also enable you to exchange lists with other mailers and mailing list companies.

Second, keep a neat looking steady flow of mailings going out. For best results use a 28 Ibs. envelope. Be sure not to overstuff your envelopes. Approximately 12 to 16 circulars can be mailed for the minimum "flat" bulk rate of 0.23.3 cents (up to 3.3 oz. qualify for the minimum rate). Using a 6x9 envelope will not be quite as effective and will require more work since circulars will have to be folded in half. This size envelope, however, can be mailed for the bulk "letter" rate of 0.19.8 which will save considerable money over time. Not more than 12 to 16 circulars should be inserted in any one envelope. Try to keep similar offerings in different mailings. Only if your mailing can show results will dealers keep sending their circulars to you, and repeat orders will be the backbone of your business. I cannot stress this point too strongly, keep your mailings clean and neat looking.

Third, persistent advertising. Place appropriate ads in the various mail order trade publications. Do not expect a flood of orders at first, remember your name will be new to dealers and they will be wary about entrusting their circulars to an unknown. You must keep your ads running in the same publications month after month. If dealers see that you advertise constantly they will gain confidence in you and eventually send you a test mailing of their circular.

There is an excellent demand in Canada for U.S. circular mailers. Many Canadian mail order companies like to send mailings into the U.S. market. Since Canadian postage rates are substantially higher than U.S. postage rates these companies need the services of a U.S. mailer.


Here is a plan that can be worked very nicely in conjunction with the circular mailing business. The beauty of it is to offer something that most people like to receive lots of mail, at a price that anybody can afford - only $2.00 to $3.00. To operate the plan you simply insert an ad, something like the one below in appropriate mail order magazines, rural newspapers, etc. Or, if you wish, you can have small circulars printed and send them out with your regular mailings. This plan should pull enough returns to help pay for your envelopes, postage and other incidentals.

[Sample Ad:] "GET LOADS OF MAIL - Receive all kinds of offers, opportunities, bargains, money-making plans etc. List your name with us. For only $2.00 we GUARANTEE to keep your mailbox full for three months."


Good lists of prospective customers are in constant demand by firms that do business by mail. Mailing lists are either compiled, or they are built.

Compiled LISTS

It is possible to build a high profit enterprise by properly compiling mailing lists and marketing them to appropriate business firms.

Mailing lists are of little value unless they are properly classified. Business firms want only names of people who are interested in the specific type of merchandise they offer. For example, a firm dealing in baby items will want names of new mothers, a manufacturer of auto accessories will want lists of automobile owners and so on. You will find that there is a market for virtually just about any classification of names you can competently compile.

Your source for names is of the utmost importance, and should be the very best available. Always be sure that your lists contain logical prospects for some group of advertisers. Finally, by all means keep your list up-to-date, check them constantly, remember satisfied customers will be your passport to success. If your names are up to date and not over worked you can expect plenty of repeat business.

Good sources from which to compile name list are: newspapers, telephone books, year and blue books, rating and trade directories, permits license records, vital statistics records, clubs, churches, trade magazines and also by buying and trading lists with others.

Built Lists

Built lists are generally built through advertising. The type of adverting offer classifies the respondent. Since advertising is expensive it is important to present an offer that will result in a maximum number if responses. A free, and inexpensive giveaway can be most effective.

When starting it is a very good idea to contact some of the firms established in selling name lists. See what they charge, study their methods of operation and marketing. In this way you will be giving yourself the benefit of their experience. You can find their ads in the various Mail Order Trade Publications.

To properly maintain lists, keep them free of duplicates and take out poor addresses, etc., a computer is a necessity. There is an excellent selection of inexpensive, but highly effective mailing list programs on the market.


There are thousands of people who are in need of correspondence courses, but cannot pay the high prices asked by the schools. There are also thousands of students who have completed courses and would be glad to sell them. The operation of this plan is simply to buy the courses from the latter and sell them to the former.

Buy only courses in good condition, as your customers will be dissatisfied with torn or mutilated material. When buying the courses you pay from 15% to 25% of the original price paid for them. You sell them for 50% of the original cost.

When furnishing the courses you should ask the furnisher to keep it in good condition and offer to pay him a 40% refund if he sends it back after completing the course. In this way you will be able to resell the same courses over and over again.

Following are listed ads that can be used for both securing and selling courses. Choose magazines which cater to individuals interested in business, educational, and scientific fields for your advertising.

WE BUY CORRESPONDENCE COURSES - High Prices paid. Send yours today stating the original price paid. We will send you remittance or estimate of current value by direct mail, as you prefer.

LEARN TO START AND OPERATE A NEW BUSINESS AT LOW COST - Used correspondence courses sold, all in excellent condition. Send for complete list and prices.


If you are looking for a substantially profitable steady seller that is always in demand, try offering remnants and quilt pieces. To operate this business you purchase the remnants and quilt pieces in wholesale bale lots direct from Clothing Mills. These remnants are priced for as little as 25 cents per pound in quantity lots. Place small display ads in the various women's magazines, and retail for about $3.98 per 4 pounds bundle plus postage. It's a good idea to offer a premium inducement with first order, this can be a sewing accessory, patterns, or anything along that line. It's also smart to employ a suitable illustration to attract attention to your ad.

Selling remnants by mail is an uncrowded field with plenty of opportunity for expansion and repeat business. However, before striking out for one's self, it is essential to acquire an adequate knowledge of mail order selling and business procedures. Many excellent books on the subject are available at public libraries.


Nearly 1 billion pocket size novels are sold each year to our avid reading public. After being read these books are usually discarded. Through the utilization of this plan this enormous reading public is enabled to replace their discarded books with new ones at but a fraction of the original cost.

The operation of this unique plan is quite simple. The customers send you their used pocket novels plus a moderate service charge. You send to the customers a different pocket novel for each one received from them. It is simply a matter of exchanging one customer's book for another's and pocketing the money. Your only expense is postage (special low book rate) and advertising. This plan also offers the very best repeat selling possibilities. Keep your customers satisfied and many of them can well be a source of continued income for years to come.

You will want to place your ads where they will reach the largest possible audience at the lowest cost. The classified sections of the more popular general magazines and syndicated Sunday newspapers are suggested. Following is an ad example:

SAVE 75% ON YOUR READING - Send 8 pocket novels in good condition and receive 8 different titles in return. Enclose $5.00 to cover postage and handling. Send as many additional books as you like and 50 cents each for extra titles.


Here is an enterprise that a person with a very limited amount of capital can afford to enter. The procedure is simply a matter of gathering meritorious business plans and or formulas, intelligent advertising and building a method of operation. The cost to compile and prepare the data can be but a small fraction of the retail price asked. If the plan or formula is honestly written and contains the information the customer needs, it will be well worth the money paid for it. As an example, rubber stamp manufacturing plans similar to the one given in this report have been making the rounds for as high as $3.00 or $4.00. People will always pay a premium to obtain accurate information on the particular subject in which they are interested.

You can gather material at your local library, by subscribing to trade magazines and by purchasing books and pamphlets that will divulge subject matter that you can use. When you have assembled a number of worthwhile formulas and plans, it is a good idea to have an attractive brochure prepared to send out with your orders.

To market the material, insert ads in various business or professional publications, or have attractive circulars printed and distribute them to names obtained from reliable mailing list companies.



"Send us $3.00 and we will send a post card (3 for $8.00), yours or ours. Write message and address and we mail from here. Let us send your letters also, same price plus postage.'

If you live in a popular place, or a resort such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami Beach, etc. the above ad can gross many dollars. This is an ideal sideline plan for those who live in popular locations. The only funds needed are for advertising, and the orders can be serviced with little or no effort at all.

This novel plan is very popular with youngsters, so it is wise to advertise in publications which cater to this age group. A woman operating from Las Vegas claims that this plan has netted her about $500.00 per month.

IN CONCLUSION [related book] [related book] [related book]

While there are always exceptions, for the most part, the mail order business is a not a business which will bring you riches overnight, or without any effort. Basically it's a business but one that has enormous potential for growth. And like any other business it takes time and persistence to build. But mail order is also a great adventure, calling for initiative, integrity, good judgement, lots of courage and determination. You probably have some or all of theses qualities or your wouldn't consider running your own business. You may have to grit your teeth many times and stick through disappointments. But, when you get it going, you will reap substatntial rewards. It's an exciting adventure well worth your time and effort.

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