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Secrets to Overnight Wealth

There are so many simple, yet really sure-fire ways of acquiring wealth, it's a wonder everybody with even the least bit of ambition isn't already rich. When you come right down to it, the only things needed for anyone to make bundles of money are the long-range vision and energy to put a money-making plan into force.

One of the easiest methods of building wealth, and the one often used by the "smart" people, is to furnish the expertise, equipment, or growth capital to promising beginning businesses. In such an arrangement, you buy in as either a part owner or limited partner. As the business grows and prospers, you reap your share of the rewards.

The beautiful part about this whole concept is that you can repeat this procedure over and over again. For example, you could start out providing the marketing and sales leadership for a small, garage-type business. As you build your holdings and earnings from that business, invest in another endeavor, and keep doing this until you own a part of twenty-five or more businesses. Stop and consider the profit potential. If you were receiving a minimum of $200 per month from 25 different businesses, your monthly income would amount to at least $5,000. Not too bad for a fledgling millionaire!

Look around your own area. By utilizing just a little bit of business sense and perception you're sure to find hundreds of small businesses that could do better - perhaps even become giants in their field - with your help. Most small businesses need and would welcome additional direction in their marketing, promotional, advertising, and sales areas. If a quick survey of a business charges you with enthusiasm about the potential profits to be made with just a few changes that you can suggest, then you are on your way.

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You will need to set up an appointment to speak with the business owner, offering him some ideas and immediate help that could double or triple his profits. Approaching the small business owner in that manner will quickly capture his or her attention and motivate them to schedule you for an immediate appointment.

In preparation for your meeting, set your ideas down on paper. Put them together in an impressive marketing or profit-potential folio. Outline your ideas, the costs involved, and the ultimate profit to be gained. If possible, prepare your graphs and charts in a large-scale format, either with professionally designed posters or in a slide presentation. When you arrive for the meeting, be sure to look and act the part of a successful business person. A few pleasantries to break the ice, and then begin with your presentation. Your proposal must instill within the business owner the confidence that you can do all you claim. Guide him through the presentation to the ultimate profits. All you'll ask is for a 10 or 20 percent limited partnership in the business, which really won't cost him anything. Of course, if he's reluctant to give up any part of his ownership, you can always come back with the idea of being hired as a consultant.

Almost all small businesses need help of some kind. The owners get bogged down in a myriad of everyday problems and things to do. They find there just aren't enough hours in the day to handle everything that should be taken care of, and end up neglecting or putting off some items they should be doing to keep the business prosperous. As a result, the long struggle for business survival begins with more than 60% of them selling out at a loss or just closing up shop.

Another way to "cut yourself in" on a piece of someone else's business is to supply needed capital. If you can come up with ten or fifteen thousand dollars, you could easily buy into many small businesses. Be sure to look the business (and its market potential) over carefully. Once you spot one that can really be a winner with just a little bit of operating cash or money for expansion, then make your move!

You can reach a never ending supply of such businesses needing capital or marketing help simply by running a small advertisement in your daily newspaper in the classified section under the heading of Business Opportunities Wanted. Such an ad might read:

Successful Business executive seeks new business ventures. Will consider buy-out or partnership. Write Omega Industries, Box 123000, Anytown, USA.

By the same token, make it a habit to look through the Business Opportunities Available on a regular basis. Mark a few each day and follow up. Check them out, and see what kind of a deal is being offered. Remember, proper management and planning are the basic ingredients of business success. Most small businesses simply do not have these ingredients in the proportions needed to attain their greatest profit potential.

Other people, much like yourself, have started with nothing and worked their way to success by acquiring partial ownership of numerous small businesses. More are setting off down that road every day. There's no reason why you cannot do it as well. In most cases little or no cash is needed. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step towards success and financial freedom today! Good Luck!

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