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How To Get Big Dollars In Your
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No other business venture seems so inviting or attracts as many people as that of selling via mail order. Direct marketing is a faster and more attractive way to set yourself on the path to wealth than any other method of doing business. Through mail order, all the people in the world are your potential customers. You work from the privacy and comfort of your own home, and set your own working hours. Best of all, you answer to no one but yourself.

Ideally, you should have a product of your own - something you can produce at a minimal cost and sell for top dollar. If you are buying, advertising, and reselling someone else's product, in order to realize a substantial profit you may have to mark it up from 100% to 1000%. Depending on the product, however, this is not an unreasonable mark-up for mail order sales. Remember: you must provide your clients a product at a price that they will pay. If your mark-up is too great, or if they can get the same item elsewhere at a lower price, chances are that you will make less money than you would if you cut your profit margin. It is usually but not always better to generate a greater number of single sales at a lower price rather than sell fewer products with a high profit margin.

Your product should have mass appeal and be something that is not readily available to your prospective customers except through you. The product should be such that you can "carry an inventory" without worry of spoilage, aging, or other damage. It should be something you can send through the mail - deliver to your customer - for next to nothing in relation to your selling price. The best money-making product of all is a "How-To" report such as the one you are now reading. You don't have to be a literary genius or even an experienced writer to compose one of these reports. In fact, the easiest way is to buy an entire set of these reports to serve as your guide. Read each of the reports over, set it aside, and write a similar one with more elaboration or from a different point of view. Give your report a commercially appealing title, set a price for it, advertise it widely in a number of nationally circulated mail order publications, and you could have something that will continue to bring in money for you for many years to come. The absolute best money-maker of them all is a report for which you've found a great need, researched the topic thoroughly, and written from scratch. Discovering these needs is not that difficult a task.

If you don't feel up to writing a report yourself, consider buying an entire set of reports complete with the reproduction rights. This will allow you to reproduce numerous reports at a minimal price, and offer these for sale to your customers. You can have your reports reprinted for as little as five cents apiece, and sell them for one to five dollars each.

There is no excuse for not writing your own reports right away. Don't delay, complaining that you haven't got the time or the tools to write one of these reports. If you have an idea, the background material, and the confidence that such a report will sell, then get n touch with someone who specializes in this kind of writing and have them put the finished product together for you. Generally, the fees will run from $25 $100 per page. This will be a small investment indeed if you come up with something that has the potential of bringing in several thousand dollars per year for the next ten years or so.

Remember, once you have a finished product, you simply continue making copies of your original and filling orders for as long as you wish to stay in business. You should also develop advertising circulars, a catalog, or a follow-up offer to send with every order you mail out. Many people make the mistake of providing only a single product to customers. After the initial sale, their entire line of products is depleted, blocking the way for future sales. You must capitalize on your customer base. In response to every inquiry to your advertising, you should have a prepared sales letter describing the item you're advertising, plus a catalog or flyer listing some of your other products. This is known as the "Featured Selection Plus Alternates" approach, or "Back-End Sales."

When you receive an order for the product you've featured in your direct mail efforts, include one of your product catalogs in the package with the customer's order. Remember the basic rule of Salesmanship: ABS - "Always Be Selling." The most effective practice is to include an advertising circular or brochure of a lead item or "special-of-the-month" and your catalog with every order you mail. Under no circumstances include more than a couple of separate "featured selection" circulars. Copy the successful efforts of the major mail order houses. Duplicate their operating plans as much as your means allow. Make sure your customer has an offer in hand, but don't overdo it. He must be reminded of your offers if he is to purchase from you on a continuing basis, but too many choices may make turn him away from deciding on a particular one.

Try to include something different something new or something your customer has not seen or been offered a chance to buy with each successive contact you make with him. Once you've broken the ice and got him spending money with you, continue showing him products of a related nature that will stimulate his appetite for greater success. He'll never be more in the mood to buy from you than when he receives something he has ordered. Every time you package a customer's order, include an opportunity for him to buy even more.

You can make a very comfortable income through direct marketing, but you'll never get rich as long as you're having your orders dropshipped for you. Having a connection with a primary source that will dropship orders for you is one of the surest and best ways to "learn" the business of selling by mail. However, if you really want to make it big, you'll use dropshipping sources only in the initial stages of your business or to back up your primary product with follow-up offers. Once you've learned the ropes and have the time and space to stock, package, and mail your own shipments, begin buying in large quantities from your suppliers at wholesale prices. This will decrease your basic costs and allow you greater control of how and when the material is packaged and shipped. It will also allow you to include is much advertising material of your own as you deem proper.

A word of caution: do not buy a quantity supply of any product until you've seen a sample of the item and have thoroughly tested the salability of the product. Too often, the beginner is sold a quantity of a certain product at so-called wholesale prices only to find that after he has spent his capital, he either doesn't want to put forth the effort and time to sell the product, or that he can't "give it away," let alone sell it. Suppliers who operate by forcing you to buy an inventory to have available for your orders generally derive most of their income from the sale of these "required" inventories. Always test the salability of an item before you buy more than a single sample.

How successful you are at selling your reports depends on your advertising.
You must get the word out that you have "money-making information" available for sale. Start out small, using short classified ads. Study some of the established mail order reports sellers. See how they are doing it, and copy their methods. Do not copy their ads. Instead, use these ads as idea stimulators for your own original copy. Place your new ad in one of the largest circulation publications you can find.

Use the income generated by the sales from this ad to buy and place more advertising. In other words, don't immediately spend your profits for personal expenses. Instead, use the money that comes in from the first ad to place similar ads in three or four other publications. This is one of the insider secrets of the mail order industry. You must multiply your advertising exposure. Start with an ad in one publication and expand your exposure by advertising in more publications. Be patient. Wait for the returns from your current ads and then use that money to increase the number of people who will have a chance to see your product. It's as simple as that, and it works every time. Try it and see for yourself.

The above suggestions have been developed from the successes and failures of numerous direct marketing salesmen over the years. These suggestions are the basic steps necessary for success. Follow this advice, and you will be well on your way to gaining a foothold in the lucrative direct mail industry. Wealth will not come overnight. However, if you will develop a line of products that can be reproduced at a small price and sold for substantial profits, then you can turn your business into a full-time, wealth producing business. To ignore the advice given above will be a first step toward business failure. We wish you the best in your new endeavors. Start down the path to your happiness and wealth today!

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