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Selling To Catalog Houses

By Playle
48 pages - 8X11
Price: $14.95

Reap the profits that have made millionaires...

"Let Me Show You Why Big Catalog Houses Want To Sell Your Product In Over 48 Million Households"

Do you have a book or product that you would like to sell by the thousands from coast to coast across the United States? A sure- fire profit maker that you know will sell?


Then let others do the selling for you. There are over 200 major mail order houses sending their catalogs to millions of buyers all over the country. They list and sell thousands of products. Why not ask them to handle yours? Learn to ask them in the right way so they can't help but do it. Then sit back and let the orders roll in!


Ron Playle reveals the secrets of selling to the big mail order houses. He's done it before -- and is still doing it with the books he has published. Selling To Catalog Houses will start you down that same road to success.

Ron knows the ins and outs of selling to the big catalog houses, and he wants to share this knowledge with you. He'll tell you what the big retailers are looking for in a product. He'll let you in on the hidden secrets that will get your product noticed and purchased by some of the world's largest catalog sellers. Tips that will help you build a high-dollar income.

100,000,000 CATALOGS...

... Are mailed each year by only one of these big mail order houses! Wouldn't you like your item listed in it, at least doubling your money on each one sold? It can happen to you.

This is not a get-rich-quick, pie-in-the-sky dream. These are the straight facts. Big direct mail companies are willing to pay fair prices for your products... and they'll do all the selling work! You get the money and just ship bulk orders to your catalog house customers. Simple, honest, and extremely profitable!


Are you going to be satisfied selling a handful of your items with mail order ads when you can grab the really profitable orders from these BIG buyers? You can make a huge profit and sell thousands of units at a time. Make it work for you!


How much will mail order houses pay? What percentage should you charge? How do you arrive at a price that gives you the most profit and makes the mail order houses eager to buy? Ron Playle reveals all this in Selling To Catalog Houses. He tells you exactly how to devise a price structure for quantity purchases. How to make it attractive to buyers... and profitable for you!


Ron tells you how to prepare a sales package to get even the largest mail order houses' attention and make the buyers take notice. It's all here in Selling to Catalog Houses. Private consultants or advertising firms would charge you several hundred dollars for this information. But the same lessons are all included in this low cost, information-packed manual. You'll save a bundle as you prepare to make even more!

You'll find actual samples of letters and circulars used to get the attention of national and international mail order houses. Study and adapt them to your own situation. Then send them out and start filling orders!


Don't have your own product? Ron will tell you how to come up with a fantastic new, hot-selling item. An item to put you on the road to a new career as the owner of your own profitable wholesale business.


  • Proper order fulfillment
  • Using invoices and credit terms
  • The best shipping methods
  • Fantastic publicity sources
  • How to use news releases
  • And a whole lot more!


Big firms are always on the lookout for new products. They need what you have and are willing to pay for it. Get your product in their catalogs and start reaping the rewards. Order you copy today and start selling big!

48 Pages
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Price: $14.95
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