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Cash Copy, How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them...Now!

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant
480 Pages - 6X9
Price: $35.00

You're spending hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, producing your marketing communications: flyers, ads, cover letters, brochures etc. And you know what happens to most of them: they end up in the wastepaper basket- immediately!

You can keep hoping this madness will stop, or you can get CASH COPY! Find out exactly what you need to know to get all of your communications opened and to turn prospects into buyers. And learn to turn those buyers into repeat buyers NOW...not tomorrow or next week!

In CASH COPY you'll get the low down on:

  • The mistakes you're making so you can stop making them.
  • How to stop producing selfish marketing materials that talks about you...and put the focus on the prospect.
  • Getting and using testimonials.
  • Motivating sales and making certain buyers out of "maybes".


480 pages of dynamite. Read it and become successful. Don't read it and you are in danger of failure.

480 pages
Order Number: 4037
Price: $35.00
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