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Secrets Of The Millionaires

By George Sterne
256 Pages - 6X9
Price: $14.95

Self-made millionaire George Sterne knows the "SECRETS" OF MAKING MONEY. That's what has made him rich. More important to you, he knows how to teach what he practices - this can make you very rich! In one easy to read, easy to use, mighty 256-page manual, you will learn and master the art and science of accumulating vast wealth.

Topics Include:

  • The wealth secret of the ages
  • Wealth multiplication
  • Money making money
  • Rich living through success visualization
  • How to create a success image that leads to unlimited riches
  • How to get organized for success
  • How to use other people's money, brains, and influence to reach your wealth goals
  • How to set and achieve every goal you truly desire


256 Pages
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Price: $14.95
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