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The Magic of Credit

By George Chelekis
380 Pages - 8X11
Price: $19.95


  • Discover The Magical Power Of Your Credit Potential
  • Quickly Increase Your Credit Card Limit
  • Reduce Your Home Mortgage By $10,000 Or More
  • Stop Collection Agencies Dead In Their Tracks
  • Get Government Money To Buy A Home Or Business
  • Delete Negative Points From Your Credit Report

It can be done -- if you have the right tools. You can change your mountains of troublesome bills from a nagging worry into a high-powered plan to build your personal wealth and financial security. In his critically acclaimed book, The Magic of Credit, money-wizard George Chelekis shows you step-by-step how to improve, increase, or repair your credit.

Have you ever been turned down for a bank loan? The Magic of Credit will reveal the inside secrets of the bank's scoring system and provide you with crucial tips on how to significantly increase your chances for loan approval.

Need low-cost credit cards in a hurry? Discover how to get major credit cards when everyone has told you "No" before. Don't let them put you off any longer! Find out which banks have the lowest interest rates. Even learn how to get banks to send you pre-approved credit cards.

Looking to buy that first home? A new business? Perhaps you're looking to increase your personal wealth through real estate purchases? The government has lots of money to lend. Find out where to get it at interests rates below those charged by the banks.

Have you lost your credit through a string of misfortunes? The Magic of Credit reveals exactly where to turn when you run into difficulties -- for only $19.95! Plan your strategies for that successful comeback with the tips compiled by one of America's foremost financial advisors in this gigantic 381 page manual. Learn how to delete negative points from your credit record that might cause creditors to deny your request for capital.

If you need credit help, learn the secrets contained in The Magic of Credit. You must be completely satisfied with this fantastic book within 30 days or your money completely refunded!

Take that first step to financial security. Discover these easy methods of securing, controlling, and building the credit you and your family deserve. Order Today!

Thousands sold by TV at $99.95 now get your copy for just a fraction of that price!

380 Pages
Order Number: 4047
Price: $19.95
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