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American Drop-Shippers' Directory

40 pages - 8X11
Price: $15.00 -
Best Seller

Lastest 2002 Edition -- Fully Revised and Expanded!

"I never thought I could start my own profitable
business this easily!"

Now you can do it, too!

Yes, you can own your own business -- And easier than you think! Join the thousands of entrepreneurs who have created their own thriving businesses. And most of them are operating right from their own homes. You can get started today!


The American Drop-Shippers' Directory is the most complete wholesale buying guide to US drop-shipping sources published today. You'll discover 1000s of unique, profitable items at terrific drop-ship wholesale prices. A gigantic directory of little-known sources. A tremendous guide to exciting PROFITS for you!

This complete guide shows you how to sell without any cash outlay... without stocking a single item in your inventory!


You can save a bundle of cash -- And that means greater profits for you! The American Drop-Shippers' Directory is the quickest guide to valuable contacts in the field of wholesale buying available anywhere.

Save yourself both time and money. No costly franchises; no expensive study courses; no time consuming searches through dozens of catalogs. Just the straight facts on where and how to buy wholesale with no investment! At the lowest prices!


Its never been easier to create a winning product-line. New products... new inventories... new premiums... new imports! You're sure to find some that are right for you!

The American Drop-Shippers' Directory is a must for the latest information on exciting new products and services. It puts you in direct contact with top US manufacturers and distributors of hot, fast-selling items -- at unbelievably low prices! Complete information on how to have single-item orders shipped directly to you or your customers!


You can get started today and earn a profit almost immediately! This large 8 x 11 directory can be your passport to success. You owe it to yourself to make these money-saving connections with top suppliers.

The hectic pace of life makes shopping from home an attractive alternative to almost everyone. People enjoy buying through the mail. You can capitalize on this fact and reap the rewards. Choose from a vast array of profit-making products and start selling today! Big Savings -- Big Profits!

Buy Direct and Save! Your Key To Fabulous Drop-Ship Bargains and Big Profits!

40 Pages
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Price: $15.00
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